New evidence on treatments for symptoms of depression in dementia


Andrew Sommerlad appraises a recent review on the efficacy of interventions for depression in people with dementia, which identified several non-drug treatments that can have a meaningful effect on depressive symptoms in dementia.

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Does massage improve pain and function in common musculoskeletal conditions?


In this blog, Lesley Dawson considers a review, which examined whether as a stand alone treatment massage therapy had a beneficial effect on pain and function in common musculoskeletal conditions.

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Review suggests evidence on effectiveness of massage therapy to reduce challenging behaviours is limited


Challenging behaviour in people with learning disabilities can be highly disruptive for the person and those who provide them with support. This review set out to evaluate the evidence base for massage therapy, used with people with challenging behaviours to induce relaxation. The review aimed to identify whether massage therapy was effective in reducing the [read the full story…]