The Welsh Government publish their delivery plan for the mental health strategy in Wales


In 2010 the Welsh Assembly passed a new piece of legislation called the Mental Health (Wales) Measure, which aims to ensure that people with mental health problems are appropriately cared for. The Act stipulates that assessment and treatment of mental health issues are a legal duty of Local Health Boards and Local Authorities and seeks [read the full story…]

Understanding the mental health marketplace in England: new briefing from the NHS Confederation


This new briefing paper from the NHS Confederation provides a clear overview of the mental health marketplace in England. Over £7 billion was invested in adult and older people mental health services in 2010/11. Most providers of services are statutory organisations, but there are also many charities, companies and social enterprises who make up the market. [read the full story…]

New briefings to help develop better local mental health services


A partnership of leading mental health charities has launched a series of briefings to help develop better local mental health services. Following the publication of the implementation framework for the Government’s mental health strategy, these briefings set out the steps that local authorities and NHS commissioning groups can take to improve mental health care, treatment [read the full story…]

Personalisation and personal budgets can support recovery and transform mental health services, according to new report


This new briefing paper from the NHS Confederation and the Centre for Mental Health looks at the impact that personalisation and recovery are having on mental health services in England. The first part of this paper describes personalisation, personal budgets and personal health budgets. The second sets out their shared philosophy and discusses what the [read the full story…]

Find out which mental health services have the biggest impact on reducing suicide rates

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Every year in England and Wales, a suicide occurs in roughly one patient for every thousand in mental health treatment. These numbers make it hard to research what mental health service providers can do to prevent further suicides, so it’s encouraging to see a new cross-sectional observational study published in the Lancet with funding from [read the full story…]

NICE publish guidance on how to make adult mental health care a ‘good experience’ for people

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Adult mental health services in the NHS should be improved to provide person-centred care that tackles the stigma associated with mental illness, says NICE. People with mental health issues should have access to mental health services when they need them, and should be actively involved in shared decision-making and supported in self-management. This latest NICE [read the full story…]

Improving the mental health of Londoners

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London Health Programmes have published a series of documents from their Models of Care project that will be of particular interest to commissioners. The mental health case for change explores the reasons behind why mental health services in London need to change and the evidence to support the recommendations. The mental health models of care [read the full story…]