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I have a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Applied Child Psychology. For over 12 years I have provided bereavement and pre-bereavement support to adults and children in community, school and Hospice environments, an area I am very passionate about. My current role at the University of Oxford involves working on a large scale randomised control trial (MY-CATs) exploring ways to identify and minimise anxiety in primary school children. Aside from psychology I am a big fan of running, chocolate biscuits and all things reality TV.


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Is persistent anxiety and depression in childhood a one-way road to adverse outcomes in adulthood?


In her latest blog, Laura Hankey summarises a longitudinal study using ALSPAC data that explored associations between anxiety, depression, and comorbid anxiety/depression in childhood and adverse outcomes in young adulthood.

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Online support more helpful for youth anxiety than depression, according to recent review


In her debut blog, Laura Hankey summarises findings from a recent systematic review and meta-analysis investigating the effectiveness of internet-based interventions for depression and anxiety in children and young people.

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