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Emmeline is a Mexican psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who in 2013 moved to London to study an MSc in War & Psychiatry and a PhD in Health Service and Population Research, both at King's College London. Her research was focused on stigma and mental health and included developing, implementing and evaluating an anti-stigma intervention for Mexican psychiatric trainees. During her time in the UK, Emmeline has worked as volunteer counsellor for LAWRS (Latin American Women´s Rights Services) and has tutored MSc students at King´s College London and young students at different schools in London. Currently, Emmeline works as a trainer for Cofactor Ltd, and serves as a mental health consultant for the Mexican Embassy in the UK. She is a certified psychiatrist by the Mexican College of Psychiatrists, is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and is in the process of getting her medical qualifications validated in the UK, where she intends to work as a psychiatrist for the NHS. She loves food, teaching and watching films; she dislikes avocado (despite being Mexican), taking the bins out and the cold weather.


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Cognitive functioning in psychosis: is neuropsychological decline continuous, generalised, and specific to schizophrenia?


Emmeline Lagunes Cordoba and Derek Tracy explore a case control study that looks at cognitive change in people with schizophrenia and other psychoses in the decade following the first episode.

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