Be kind to your mind and exercise: can exercise buffer the effects of stressful life events?


In his debut blog, Justin Chapman reviews a longitudinal study which finds that exercising can buffer against depression after stressful life events.

Justin is live blogging for The Mental Elf at #EquallyWellAu23 this week, alongside Elf Coordinator Laura Hemming who is on live tweeting duties.

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How do life events impact upon therapeutic work with children and young people? #MHED2018


Terry Hanley explores a recent systematic review of life events, socioeconomic deprivation, and their impact on counselling and psychotherapy with children and adolescents.

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What relationship do stressful life events, neglect and abuse have with functional neurological disorder (conversion disorder)?


Mark Edwards considers the findings of a new meta-analysis of case-control studies, which looks at the relationship between stressful life events, neglect and abuse with functional neurological disorder.

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Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing helps with PTSD symptoms in two people with learning disabilities

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The authors of this study set out to look at whether trauma treatment had been successfully used with people with learning disabilities and substantially limited verbal capacities. They found no case studies in the literature. The article describes and assesses the applicability of eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) a trauma therapy based on the [read the full story…]

Review finds higher rates of trauma in learning disability population but lower rates of access to treatment

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The authors of this paper set out to look at rates of sexual abuse and interpersonal trauma in people with learning disability. They hoped to explore the relationship between such trauma and psychological distress and to describe a psychotherapeutic intervention for such people. The findings from a review of the literature suggested an inverse relationship [read the full story…]

Life events linked to likelihood of hospital emergency department visits in people with learning disabilities


Life stress and in particular key stressful events have long been linked with mental ill health. These researchers in Canada set out to look at the link between life events and psychopathology in people with learning disabilities and in particular, the link with hospital use. The researchers asked key informants to complete a checklist of [read the full story…]

Review finds no consistent definition of trauma and no reliable means of measuring its effects in people with learning disabilities.

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This systematic review looks at the literature on the effects of adverse life events or trauma on people with intellectual disabilities. The authors point out that there is a limited number of studies in this area and that effects of trauma seen in the general population literature are not necessarily transferable to the intellectual disability [read the full story…]