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Justin Chapman completed his doctorate in measuring and positively influencing physical activity behaviour in adults with mental illness (2016). Dr Chapman is a Research Fellow at Griffith University and Metro South Addictions and Mental Health Service. He takes a national approach to translational research in health service models to improve the physical health and wellbeing of people with mental illnesses. Through extensive industry partnerships with non-government organisations, hospital and health services, and sports and recreation organisations, Dr Chapman has successfully scaled up exercise programs evaluated in clinical trial designs to social impact for over 600 participants with mental illness. Dr Chapman’s work has been acknowledged with an Open Minds Mental Health Week Achievement awards (2018), and the Australian Rotary Health award for Mental Health Impact (2020). He is a Board member of the national advocacy organisation Psychosis Australia, and on the Editorial Board of the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity.


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Be kind to your mind and exercise: can exercise buffer the effects of stressful life events?


In his debut blog, Justin Chapman reviews a longitudinal study which finds that exercising can buffer against depression after stressful life events.

Justin is live blogging for The Mental Elf at #EquallyWellAu23 this week, alongside Elf Coordinator Laura Hemming who is on live tweeting duties.

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#EquallyWellAU23 live blog: National Equally Well Symposium – Sydney, Australia, 25-27 July 2023

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Justin Chapman and Laura Hemming are in Sydney this week, live tweeting and blogging from the National Equally Well Symposium 2023. They’re going to be learning about the best ways to support the physical health needs of people with serious mental ill-health.

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