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Professor Mark Edwards is a neurologist who studies how the brain controls movement and how abnormalities of movement occur in people with neurological illness. He leads the Motor Control and Movement Disorder Group which is comprised of neurologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and basic scientists. As a group they use psychophysical and neurophysiological techniques to study motor control and how it is disrupted in common movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, functional movement disorders, and Tourette’s syndrome. There is a strong clinical and translational component to the work, using the group’s clinical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of people with movement disorders. They are especially interested in the use of rehabilitative techniques (both physical and cognitive/psychological) in treatment of people with movement disorders and with the overlap between psychiatry and neurology.


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What relationship do stressful life events, neglect and abuse have with functional neurological disorder (conversion disorder)?


Mark Edwards considers the findings of a new meta-analysis of case-control studies, which looks at the relationship between stressful life events, neglect and abuse with functional neurological disorder.

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