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Julia is a Senior Child Development Researcher at the University of Oxford. She works closely between the disciplines of psychology and education to identify why children and young people may not be achieving their potential at school. This spans exploration of educational barriers such as language skills, to individual’s risk and resilience factors around mental health and wellbeing. She uses experimental and quantitative methods alongside innovative technologies such as virtual reality and galvanic skin response wristwatches. She develops and evaluates interventions within multi-site and multi-disciplinary teams. She is an advocate of public engagement and knowledge exchange to ensure research is applicable to real-life. She is also a children’s storybook author (nom de plume Julia Tedd).


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What problems do primary school children bring to counselling?


Julia Badger summarises a study which found that primary aged school children had different reasons for attending counselling to secondary school children.

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A whole-school approach to enhance social, emotional and behavioural development


Julia Badger summarises a review on the effectiveness of interventions adopting a whole-school approach to enhancing social and emotional development. She finds that the evidence supports this approach, but implementing it in schools is not always straightforward.

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Improving language development: read, play, discuss


Julia Badger critiques and summarises a recent randomised controlled trial testing the Let’s Talk intervention for improving children’s language development.

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