Lay people intervening and preventing suicide in a public place: how is it done and is it effective?


Dafni Katsampa and Ioana Crivatu explore a qualitative paper. which gives accounts from both survivors and interveners of a suicide attempt in a public place.

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Suicide prevention at suicide hotspots


David Steele talks us through a systematic review and meta-analysis, which found that commonly used interventions are effective at preventing completed suicides at suicide hotspots.

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Is suicide contagious? Definition and epidemiology of suicide clusters


Mark Smith summarises a recent narrative synthesis of research looking at the definition and epidemiology of suicide clusters.

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Meta-analysis shows some benefit of structural interventions in reducing suicides by jumping


Around the world, certain places have gained notoriety as suicide hotspots. These places are often heights, such as bridges or cliffs, from which suicide by jumping is common. Although not a major contributor to overall suicide rates, suicides by jumping are of particular concern due to their ability to cause distress or physical harm to [read the full story…]