Ioana Crivatu

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Ioana is a PhD student and Research Assistant at Middlesex University, having an MSc in Forensic Psychology and an MA in Criminal Profiling and Behaviour Analysis. Her research focuses on sexual violence, pornography, and suicide prevention. She has assisted in a range of multi-methodological projects including commissioned work on bystander interventions and suicide prevention at railways and roads locations, and vicarious trauma of independent sexual advisors in the UK. Ioana has also worked as a forensic intervention worker and a mental healthcare assistant. She is a member of the Violence Against Women and Girls Research Network.


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Can childhood maltreatment lead to a female cycle of violence?


Ioana Crivatu explores a meta-analysis which finds that females exposed to adverse events in childhood may be more likely to enter a cycle of violence in adulthood

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Lay people intervening and preventing suicide in a public place: how is it done and is it effective?


Dafni Katsampa and Ioana Crivatu explore a qualitative paper. which gives accounts from both survivors and interveners of a suicide attempt in a public place.

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