Therapeutic community approach in secure settings for men with learning disabilities shows treatment gains in first 12 months

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The notion of the therapeutic community emerged in the 1940s and was developed in the UK throughout the subsequent decades. Therapeutic communities developed participative approaches to working with people with long term mental illness. Usually residential, they offered a complete therapeutic milieu with therapists and patients living in the same environment and within the same [read the full story…]

Challenging behaviour services review finds specialist congregate services use more restrictive approaches with limited effect.


This literature review looked at evaluations of service provision in the UK for people with challenging behaviours, reviewing the literature from 1990 to 2010 looking at studies that evaluated a range of UK service provision in terms of impact on challenging behaviour and other quality of life indices. The author found very few evaluations, although [read the full story…]

What are the experiences of people with learning disabilities who are psychiatric in-patients in out of area placements?

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People with learning disabilities and complex mental health problems are often most at risk of being placed in services a long way from their homes, their families and any natural support systems they may have built up. This study interviewed 17 service users directly affected in this way: they had all been placed away from [read the full story…]