Youth anxiety and depression treatment not as good as we think? What should we tell the children?


Ola Demkowicz writes her debut elf blog about a study that evaluates reliable improvement rates in depression and anxiety at the end of treatment in adolescents.

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Caries risk assessment tools for young children


10 studies reporting on 8 caries risk assessment tools (CRATs) were identified in for this review of evidence to inform the selection of CRATs. The current evidence is limited.

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Clinical screening tests for assessing movement control in low-back pain: a systematic review


Today is the final day of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists (IFOMPT) Conference in Quebec, Canada. The conference includes presentations from international experts on a wide array of issues related to clinical assessment and treatment. In a previous blog I looked at an article on whether or not  individuals’ movement patterns can be altered as [read the full story…]