Caries risk models – Predictive performance

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Sergio Uribe in his first Dental ELf blog looks at this review of the predictive performance of seven caries risk assessment models. While the findings suggest a resonable performance from the full and reduced Cariogram more high quality studies are needed in particular in relation to communication of risk to patients and its impact.

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Caries risk assessment tools for young children


10 studies reporting on 8 caries risk assessment tools (CRATs) were identified in for this review of evidence to inform the selection of CRATs. The current evidence is limited.

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Caries risk assessment: Limited evidence for current models


This review of the effectiveness of Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) models included 32 studies providing limited evidence that CRA is effective for caries assessment and prediction.

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Caries risk assessment programmes in pre-school children


Identifying children at greatest risk of caries in order to optimize preventive activity has been a goal of  the dental profession for many a long year and a number of reviews of potential risk factors have been conducted ( see Dental Elf 10th Dec 2012).  This study aimed to assess a number of caries risk [read the full story…]

Limited evidence for caries risk assessment systems

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Assessing an individual patient’s risk of caries is considered to be an important element of contemporary treatment planning, for example the 2004 NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recall guidance recommended risk-based recall intervals. The aim of this review was to assess the evidence supporting four caries risk assessment (CRA) systems:- Cariogram, Caries [read the full story…]