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Ola Demkowicz is currently in the final stages of completing a PhD in Education, and has recently been appointed as a Lecturer in Psychology of Education in the University of Manchester Institute of Education. Her research interests are primarily around child and adolescent mental health; she is particularly interested in adolescent experiences of emotion, gendered experiences and patterns of mental health, and intervention approaches for adolescent mental health. Ola’s doctoral research focuses on multiple risk exposure and early adolescent girls’ emotional symptoms, utilising mixed methods to explore mechanisms, adaptive processes, and lived experience. Ola has worked as a researcher on a number of large research projects, including the HeadStart programme and a recent randomised controlled trial of Achievement for All, and collaborates closely with researchers at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.


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Youth anxiety and depression treatment not as good as we think? What should we tell the children?


Ola Demkowicz writes her debut elf blog about a study that evaluates reliable improvement rates in depression and anxiety at the end of treatment in adolescents.

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