Orthodontic retainers: Effects on periodontal health


This review of the effects of fixed orthodontic retainers on periodontal health includes 29 manily observational studies. While the findings suggest that fixed rettainers are compatibile with periodontal health the quality of the included studies is very low so the findings should be interpreted cautiously.

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Orthodontic retainers: Bond lower retainers to all anterior teeth or only canines?


This review evaluating the difference in stability between lower fixed retainers bonded on all six anterior teeth and those bonded only to the canines included 5 studies. Only 2 of the studies were RCTs with finding suggesting better outcomes with bonding to all anterior teeth but the quality of the evidence is low.

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Hawley appliances for orthodontic retention?


10 trials were included in this review of the effectiveness of Hawley retainer following orthodontic treatment providing low quality evidence that performance was similar to other retainers.

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Lingual orthodontic retainers – a lack of evidence


This review focused on lingual orthodontic retention including 27 studies (9 RCTs; 6 prospective and 12 retrospective studies). However, the quality of evidence was low, providing little evidence for the best treatment protocols.

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Orthodontic retention: trial finds no difference between three methods at 5 years

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The paper reports the finding of a small trial of three type of orthodontic retention 5 years or more post retention and finds no difference. Previously the authors reported their findings after two years of retention again showing no differences.

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Review finds insufficient evidence to determine whether Hawley or vacuum-formed retainers are most effective following orthodontic treatment

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Retention is an essential phase of orthodontic treatment without which there is a tendency for teeth to return to their initial position. The aim of this review was to compare the effects of Hawley retainers (HRs) and vacuum-formed retainers (VFRs) Searches were conducted in Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), Medline, Embase, ISI Web [read the full story…]

No randomised controlled trial evidence on effective methods to treat relapse of lower front teeth following orthodontic treatment


The tendency for teeth to return to their pre-treatment following orthodontic treatment (relapse) is more common for the lower front teeth.  Ten years after orthodontic treatment between 30-50% of patients no longer have the initial post-treatment alignment and after 20 years only 10% maintain that alignment. The aim of this review was to assess the [read the full story…]

No difference in survival of mandibular lingual orthodontic retainers placed with chemically and light-cured adhesives


Long-term stability following orthodontic treatment required long-term retention. Compliance with removable retention regimens is variable so some practitioners favour fixed retainers.  The aim of this study was to compare the survival of mandibular lingual retainers placed using either chemical or photo polymerization after orthodontic treatment. Patients who had completed orthodontic treatment with no active caries, [read the full story…]

Trial found little difference between three post orthodontic retention methods

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Following orthodontic treatment almost every patient will require a period of retention without which there is a tendency for teeth to return to their initial position.  The aim of this trial was to compare three different retention methods. Patient s completing a first course of orthodontic treatment were randomized into three retention methods: vacuum-formed retainer [read the full story…]