Orthodontic retainers: impact on periodontal health


While 24 studies were included in this review of the impact of orthodontic retainers on periodontal health there was a lack of high quality evidence to support any particular retainer on this or a range of other parameters. More well-designed and long terms studies are required.

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Lingual orthodontic retainers – a lack of evidence


This review focused on lingual orthodontic retention including 27 studies (9 RCTs; 6 prospective and 12 retrospective studies). However, the quality of evidence was low, providing little evidence for the best treatment protocols.

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Orthodontic retention: trial finds no difference between three methods at 5 years

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The paper reports the finding of a small trial of three type of orthodontic retention 5 years or more post retention and finds no difference. Previously the authors reported their findings after two years of retention again showing no differences.

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