Aljeeta Kadam

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Aljeeta qualified as a dentist in 2017 in Mumbai. She moved to practice in Scotland in 2019. After initially working as a General Dentist, Aljeeta is now working as a DCT1 in Oral surgery in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. She has a keen interest in Quality improvement and making research accessible.


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Orthodontic Retention – Adjuncts or alternatives to lifelong retainers


In this blog Aljeeta Kadam looks at a review of adjuncts or alternatives to mechanical retention in preserving post orthodontic treatment outcomes. Only 7 studies were included in the review providing very low quality evidence about the use of adjuncts and alternatives.

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Alveolar ridge- soft tissue preservation techniques


In hwer first blog for the Dental Elf Aljeeta Kadam looks at a review aiming to evaluate and compare different alveolar ridge preservation techniques.

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