Lingual orthodontic retainers – a lack of evidence


This review focused on lingual orthodontic retention including 27 studies (9 RCTs; 6 prospective and 12 retrospective studies). However, the quality of evidence was low, providing little evidence for the best treatment protocols.

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No randomised controlled trial evidence on effective methods to treat relapse of lower front teeth following orthodontic treatment


The tendency for teeth to return to their pre-treatment following orthodontic treatment (relapse) is more common for the lower front teeth.  Ten years after orthodontic treatment between 30-50% of patients no longer have the initial post-treatment alignment and after 20 years only 10% maintain that alignment. The aim of this review was to assess the [read the full story…]

Using liquid resin reduced lingual orthodontic retainer failure rate

iStock_000002551343XSmall colourful braces on teeth

Long -term retention is necessary to avoid relapse following the completion of orthodontic treatment. The lingual retainer can be a useful method of retention. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of liquid resin on the survival of fixed lingual retainers and to evaluate the incidence of calculus accumulation and discoloration adjacent [read the full story…]