CAD/CAM versus conventional fixed retainers in orthodontic patients


This review comparing the effect of CAD/CAM-based and conventional fixed retainers on the stability of treatment outcomes and periodontal health in patients undergoing orthodontic retention using fixed retainers includeds 7 RCTs. The studies are of moderate size and relatively short duration (6 to 12months) and there are quality concerns so the findings should be viewed cautiously.

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Digital study models as reliable as traditional plaster models?


This latest review of digital orthodontic models includes 35 studies, the majority directly compared digital and plaster models. The overall quality was considered moderate and digital models were considered to be a as reliable as traditional plaster models, with high accuracy, reliability, and reproducibility.

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Trial finds no changes in arch dimensions following orthodontic treatment with conventional brackets and either active or passive self-ligation

iStock_000002551343XSmall colourful braces on teeth

To produce alignment without extraction. It has been suggested that passive self-ligating brackets can introduce specific, uniquely stable arch dimensional changes. The aim of this trial was to quantify maxillary arch dimensional changes and maxillary incisor and molar inclination changes during orthodontic alignment by directly comparing a passive self-ligating bracket, an active self-ligating system and [read the full story…]