Corticotomy for facilitating orthodontic treatment – limited research available


14 studies ( 6 RCTs) were included in this review of corticotomy for facilitating orthodontic treatment. While the results found produce statistically and clinically meaningful temporary increases in the rate of orthodontic tooth movement the studies were small and of low quality.

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Orthodontic treatment: limited research on effectiveness of surgical interventions to accelerate treatment


This Cochrane review only identified 4 small short-term trials providing limited evidence for the effectiveness of surgical approaches to accelerate orthodontic treatment. Further research with longer follow up is needed to confirm any possible benefit.

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Orthodontic treatment; can it be accelerated by surgical and non-surgical approaches?

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With typical orthodontic treatment taking 18-24 months there is pressure to reduce the time it takes. This review considers a range of potential options but there is limited quality evidence for most of the techniques identified.

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Only low quality evidence available to assess the effectiveness of surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment

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In treating orthodontic problems in late adolescents and adults there is pressure to shorten treatment time. Surgical techniques such as corticotomy and dental distraction have been proposed as potential approaches. The aim of this review was to address 3 questions; Does surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment significantly increase the velocity of tooth movement and shorten treatment [read the full story…]