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Sharon is currently a research assistant, working in the UCL Division of Psychiatry. The study she is working on aims to develop a measure of social isolation for use in supported accommodation settings, with people who have a severe mental illness. Sharon previously studied a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL, and through her dissertation project, she developed a research interest in loneliness and social isolation. Prior to this, she completed a degree in psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Sharon's interests include loneliness, social isolation, gender, mental health nosology, young people, digital mental healthcare, anxiety disorders & PTSD, depression, early intervention, suicide.


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iCBT for depression: reflections from university students

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Sharon Eager summarises a qualitative study conducted with university students in South Africa who identify the pros and cons of iCBT for depression.

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Does the relationship between loneliness and suicidal ideation vary between men and women of different ages?


In her debut blog, Sharon Eager considers a study exploring gender-specific associations of loneliness and suicidal ideation in a representative population sample suggesting that young, lonely men are particularly at risk.

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