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Elwira Lubos is a Senior Research Nurse, currently working at the Cognitive Health Clinical Research Facility in Oxford. She qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 2005 from Oxford Brookes University; in 2009 completed degree in psychosocial Interventions in psychosis and became registered as a Non Medical prescriber in 2013. She has worked with patients suffering from mental illness first as a Staff Nurse in acute admissions unit at a Warneford Psychiatric Hospital, and subsequently as a Care Coordinator with Oxfordshire Early Intervention in Psychosis Team. Her interests are physical health monitoring and health promotion in patients suffering from serious and enduring mental illness.


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Antipsychotics for acute treatment of first episode schizophrenia


Elwira Lubos writes her debut blog on a recent systematic review with pairwise and network meta-analyses, looking at antipsychotic drugs for the acute treatment of patients with first episode schizophrenia.

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