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Carla McEnery is a Provisional Psychologist and final year PhD candidate (Clinical Psychology) based at the Centre of Mental Health (CMH), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Carla’s PhD is conducted in collaboration with Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia and examines the clinical presentation and treatment of co-morbid social anxiety disorder (SAD) in first-episode psychosis. Specifically, Carla worked collaboratively with the eOrygen team to develop and pilot test a novel moderated online social therapy that utilizes graphic comics to treat co-morbid SAD in young individuals with a first-episode psychosis diagnosis. Carla is currently undertaking her final clinical placement within the Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre at Orygen Youth Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia. Her research and clinical areas of interest overlap and include: schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (first-episode psychosis), in addition to the assessment and treatment of SAD and social anxiety symptomatology. Other areas of interest and expertise include the assessment and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, addressing mental-health related stigma (affective and cognitive consequences of shame), mindfulness and development of online psychosocial interventions. Carla previously completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (First class Hons) at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and has also completed studies in a wide range of disciplines including Philosophy, English Literature and Psychoanalysis. Prior to commencing her studies and ultimately changing her career path, Carla McEnery held a number of project management roles within the Financial Services and IT industries.


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Can interventions help to improve social functioning in youth at risk of psychosis?


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Poor social communication in children may be a risk factor for social anxiety


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Digital interventions for social anxiety disorder: new meta-analysis finds mixed results


Carla McEnery reports on a recent meta-analysis of technology-assisted interventions for Social Anxiety Disorder, which finds positive results from Internet-delivered CBT and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

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Psychotherapy for depression: enhancing positive and reducing negative affect?


Carla McEnery publishes her debut Mental Elf blog on a recent systematic review, which looks at the effect of psychotherapies on positive affect and negative affect in depression.

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