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Ana Veic recently completed her PhD in auditory and linguistic processing in autistic individuals at the University of Reading. During the final year of her PhD, she worked on a multidisciplinary project that studied the experiences and identities of autistic girls at the University of Surrey. She also worked briefly as a Research Assistant at Middlesex University, where I explored the barriers to help-seeking among Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel. Currently, Ana is based at the University of Cambridge, where she conducts research on scalable and low-cost interventions to support medication adherence in people who are prescribed treatment for hypertension. Aside from her interest in clinical psychology and participatory research, Ana is also passionate about charity runs and reading fiction.


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Barriers to PTSD care for US veterans: new evidence highlights importance of an intersectional approach


Dr Ana Veic explores the barriers to mental health care reported by over 17,000 US veterans with PTSD, and how these barriers differ between demographic groups (e.g., by race and by sex).

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