Early intervention for psychosis: better outcomes in the short term?


Emanuele Osimo blogs about the 20-year follow up of the OPUS trial, which tested early intervention services for people with first-episode schizophrenia spectrum disorder.

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Interpersonal psychotherapy for eating disorders: a viable alternative to CBT?


Georgie Parker summarises a systematic review which suggests that interpersonal psychotherapy may be as effective as CBT for eating disorders, particularly in certain groups.

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Gains made from CBT for men with learning disabilities and sexually abusive behaviour maintained at longer-term follow up

A well constructed trial adding to growing evidence base for effectiveness of CBT for people with mild to moderate learning disabilities

Cognitive behavioural therapy has been recognised as the leading method of treatment for non-disabled men who have committed sexual offences, but men with learning disabilities are often excluded from such treatment groups. However, there is a growing body of evidence of the effectiveness of this approach for men with learning disabilities as well. There have [read the full story…]