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My research interest lies in investigating the biological and genetic underpinnings of serious mental illness, particularly of psychosis, and in testing if associations exist between mental illness and immune and cardiometabolic changes through the use of diverse approaches. These include psychiatric genetic epidemiology; electronic health record mining; clinical risk prediction modelling; and clinical research. I am currently undergoing a PhD in the genetics of schizophrenia under Professors Boris Lenhard and Oliver Howes. I also have expertise in psychiatric epidemiology, including Mendelian randomisation and gene-phenotype correlations in large datasets such as in UK Biobank, and in interrogating birth cohorts and electronic health records. I have experience of generating clinical prediction algorithms based on demographic and biological variables. I have taken part in designing and running clinical research studies involving clinical imaging through MRI. I have published several meta-analyses on the topic of immunopsychiatry.


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Early intervention for psychosis: better outcomes in the short term?


Emanuele Osimo blogs about the 20-year follow up of the OPUS trial, which tested early intervention services for people with first-episode schizophrenia spectrum disorder.

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