Prevalence of different orthodontic malocclusions


This review the prevalence of malocclusions and different orthodontic features in children and adolescents included 123 studies. However the broad range of approaches used in the studies to determine malocclusion and orthodontic features means that the findings need to be interpreted cautiously.

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Anterior crossbite: is fixed or removable treatment most cost effective?


This cost minimisation study was based on a small RCT comparing fixed or removable appliances for the treatment of anterior crossbite in Sweden. The overall costs were €678 for fixed appliances and €1031 for removable appliances.

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Limited new information on the treatment of posterior crossbites

Upper orthodontic appliance

Maxillary expansion is a common orthodontic treatment used for the correction of posterior crossbite resulting from reduced maxillary width.  The aim of this review recent was to  assess the effectiveness of various modalities of orthopaedic/orthodontic expansion of maxillary arches with crossbite and the associated 6 month post retention stability. The authors searched ,Cochrane Central Register [read the full story…]

Evidence for the best methods to treat anterior crossbites lacking

shutterstock_41854831 - removable orthodontic appliance

The aim of this review was to identify the appropriate treatment for the correction of anterior crossbite. The authors searched in Scopus, Medline, Cochrane Library, Embase and Psychinfo databases for studies involving Children in the primary or mixed dentition with an anterior crossbite affecting one or more incisors, and no underlying skeletal class III discrepancy.  [read the full story…]