The PACE Trial for chronic fatigue syndrome: choppy seas but a prosperous voyage


Simon Wessely responds to the huge amount of recent criticism that has surrounded the publication of a follow-up paper of the PACE trial into chronic fatigue syndrome. This extended blog presents the PACE trial and its main results, but also reminds us what makes a good RCT, as well as exploring how well PACE measures up.

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Exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome


In this blog, Tracey Howe looks at a Cochrane systematic review, examining the effects of exercise therapy for patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Online CBT is an effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome in adolescents, according to small RCT


Existing trials have shown that cognitive behavioural therapy is a promising treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. The availability of CBT is patchy, so there is an increasing body of research investigating whether internet-based treatment is a viable alternative. A new small randomised controlled trial conducted by researchers from the Netherlands has been published in the [read the full story…]