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Anterior crossbite: is fixed or removable treatment most cost effective?


This cost minimisation study was based on a small RCT comparing fixed or removable appliances for the treatment of anterior crossbite in Sweden. The overall costs were €678 for fixed appliances and €1031 for removable appliances.

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Silicone impressions for complete dentures improve patients’ quality of life but increase costs


Yesterday (Dental Elf 10th July 2014) we looked at a trial that compared dentures made with silicone and alginate impression materials. In a study undertaken alongside that trial the authors aimed to assess the cost effectiveness of silicone and alginate impressions for complete dentures. The cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) took the perspective of the UK [read the full story…]

Orthodontic retention – cost analysis of three different appliances

shutterstock_69850990- vacuum splint

The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the costs for the three orthodontic retention methods using a cost-minimisation analysis (CMA). The cost analysis was based on previous randomised controlled trial data (Dental Elf 22nd Jan 2013). Patients were randomised into 3 groups with retention appliances being placed within 1 hour of debonding.  [read the full story…]