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Diana is a final year dental student at the University of Dundee. She is an enthusiastic learner always taking part in various extra-curriculums in order to expand her knowledge and skills. She’s been awarded various prizes during her time at Dundee such as: the William McPherson Fisher Prize for best student in Oral pathology, Dental Public Health shield for her involvement with the wider community as well as the Cochrane Oral Health ‘Intermediate Editor’ award for her commitment as a Wikipedia dental editor for 3 years. Diana is passionate about all aspects of dentistry and is looking forward to embarking on her dental career.


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Prevalence of middle mesial canal in mandibular molars


This review to determine the prevalence of middle mesial canal (MMC) in mandibular molars using cone beam computed tomography included 34 studies. THTe findings suggest a MMC prevalence of 4.4% (95%Cl: 3.5% to 5.3%) in first permanent molars and 1.3% (95%Cl: 0.08% to 1.8%) in second permanent molars.

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