Direct or indirect composite resin restorations on endodontically treated posterior teeth?


This review comparing direct and indirect restoration of endodontically treated posterior teeth included 22 studies . None of the included studies was considered to be at low risk of bias and only 2 RCTs were included.

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Avulsed teeth – what is the best management option?

shutterstock_70287046 - avulsed tooth

4 RCTs were included in ths Cochrane review update of interventions for avulsed and replanted permanent front teeth. None of the included studies was at low risk of bias and there is insufficient evidence to support or refute the effectiveness of different interventions.

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Endodontic microsurgery or single tooth implants after failed root canal treatment

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This systematic review was looking to compare endodontic microsurgery with single implant placement. No studies directly comparing the two treatments were available. 44 studies of single implants and 6 studies of endodontic microsurgery found 2 -4 years survival rates for endodontic microsurgery were 94% and single implants 96%. The quality of the available evidence was moderate.

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What is the rate of disease progression in aggressive periodontitis?

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Periodontitis is common, but aggressive periodontitis (AgP) is thought to progress faster than chronic periodontitis (CP). Reviews suggest that tooth loss as a result of periodontitis is in the order of 1.5-9.8%. The aim of this current review was to investigate tooth loss and disease progression in aggressive periodontitis cases. The Medline and Embase databases [read the full story…]

Double crown tooth abutments and dentures demonstrated a wide range of survival rates


Double crown reconstructions provide the possibility of restoring a dentition using a few remaining teeth located in unfavorable positions for other prosthetic approaches Although they require high precision from both the dental technician and clinician. The aim of this review was to systematically screen the literature for data related to the survival and complication rates [read the full story…]