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Nikki is a medical student at The University of Manchester, who is currently taking a year out between her third and fourth years to take on her role as BMJ Editorial Scholar 2020/21, which includes heading up operations for BMJ Student, looking after after all the content for students and junior doctors; such as writing articles, editing student content, discussing pitch ideas, leading on social media and planning and hosting the student podcast, Sharp Scratch. Nikki was awarded The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ North West Division Medical Student of the Year 2019, and has been Co-President of UoM PsychSoc, running events such as a National Psychiatry Summer School in July. Her interests include mental health and wellbeing, public health, medical ethics and medical journalism.


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COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: who is hesitant and why? #OxfordMentalHealth


Nikki Nabavi summarises findings from a recent survey, which suggests that COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is relatively evenly spread across the population, and that willingness to take a vaccine is closely bound to recognition of the collective importance.

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What can we do to support the mental health of frontline health and social care workers during the pandemic?


Nikki Nabavi reviews a mixed methods systematic review that looks at interventions to support frontline health and social care staff during and after a disease outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.

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Burnout and exhaustion amongst medical students in England


Nikki Nabavi writes her debut blog on a recent study, which used an online survey to ask medical students from London, Sheffield, Hull and York about their wellbeing, burnout and exhaustion.

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