Jessamy Hibberd

Jessamy Hibberd
Jessamy is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, she runs a private practice in London and prior to this worked for eight years in the NHS. She has a specialist interest in depression and anxiety disorders and is accredited in CBT. In addition to her clinical practice Jessamy is co-authoring a series of self-help books and contributes to various magazines. The books are due to be published in January 2014 by Quercus and will offer sound expert advice on the most common life-affecting issues that people typically experience, providing clear and simple ways to understand and overcome problems.


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Preventing or reducing domestic violence against pregnant women: more studies desperately needed!

Bruised woman's face

30% of domestic violence (DV) begins during pregnancy and is most prevalent within the working and lower middle socio-economic classes. It is a major public health concern and abuse during pregnancy is of particular concern due to the health risks to both mother and child. It can cause physical and psychological harm to women, and [read the full story…]

More frequent psychotherapy may lead to better depression outcomes, says new meta-analysis


Psychological therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, behavioural activation, problem-solving and possibly psychodynamic therapy have been clearly shown to be effective in the treatment of adult depression. However it is not clear, how long such a therapy should last, how many sessions are optimal and what the best intensity of psychotherapy is. A [read the full story…]

The case for Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of depression

Chinese herbs

More people are seeking alternatives to traditional mental health care and as a result, knowledge about the use of complementary therapies by people with mental illness is increasing – particularly for those experiencing anxiety and depression. A recent survey of women with depression revealed that there is a push for more “natural approaches” that match [read the full story…]

Treatment of bipolar in specialised outpatient mood disorder clinics substantially reduces readmissions to psychiatric hospitals


There is a limited amount of good quality research being published about bipolar disorder, particularly investigating the early stages. Bipolar is associated with a high risk of relapse and this risk of relapse increases with the number of previous episodes. Observational studies suggest that early intervention may improve both course and outcome, but currently progression [read the full story…]