Jermaine Dambi

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Jermaine is a Friendship Bench Research Co-ordinator and Senior Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe. He is a physiotherapist with special interests in digital mental health, patient-reported outcomes and activity-based mental health interventions. Jermaine's research is in gathering formative data in building a case for both digital and physical-activity based interventions in low-resourced settings. He co-ordinates Friendship Bench research activities, including protocols review, training research assistants, data cleaning, analysis and dissemination. Lastly, his work also largely focuses on the translation, adaptation and validation of patient reported outcome measures in low-resource settings.


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Therapeutic alliance and goal setting in youth mental health #ActiveIngredientsMH


Jenna Jacob and Jermaine Dambi summarise a recent study which looks at therapeutic alliance in remote versus in-person settings.

They also present initial findings from their two active ingredients reviews which explore working alliance, collaborative goal setting and tracking for young people with depression or anxiety.

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