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Inês graduated from University College London with a MSci in Natural Sciences, specialising in Brain, Behaviour and Cognition. She then went on to complete a PhD at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience (IoPPN, King’s College London) on fetal and infant brain development in individuals with and without a familial risk of autism spectrum disorder. During her time at King’s, Inês also worked as a postgraduate teaching assistant on the BSc Psychology and MSc Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences. She now works as a Research Officer for the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF); a What Works Centre which champions and supports the use of effective early intervention for children with signals of risk.


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Preventing anxiety with psychological and educational interventions


Inês Pote publishes her debut elf blog about a recent systematic review on the effectiveness of psychological and/or educational interventions in the prevention of anxiety.

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