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Chris has been working in primary school education for around 30 years. For the majority of that time, he was a class teacher and then the headteacher of two mainstream primary schools. He has been the academy lead at the Forwards Centre, a primary aged pupil referral unit since 2016. The centre works with pupils excluded from primary schools and his doctoral work looked at developing an understanding of inclusive practice for those pupils excluded from (and at risk of exclusion from) mainstream education.


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What’s the link between neurodevelopmental or mental disorders and school absence or exclusion?


Chris Fielding summarises a Welsh cohort study which finds that neurodevelopmental and mental disorders are linked to school absenteeism and exclusion.

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What impact do secondary schools have on the mental health of young people?


In his debut blog, Chris Fielding reviews a study which uses baseline data from the MYRIAD study, and concludes that the “direct influence of schools on mental health seems to be small”.

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