What impact do secondary schools have on the mental health of young people?


In his debut blog, Chris Fielding reviews a study which uses baseline data from the MYRIAD study, and concludes that the “direct influence of schools on mental health seems to be small”.

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Self-harm in primary care: more prescribing than referrals

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Olivia Kirtley and Alys Cole-King present a major new cohort study, which includes worrying evidence about the clinical management of patients in primary care following self-harm.

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Why does area deprivation affect people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health more than people without learning disabilities?


Mental health problems are common in the population of people with learning disabilities. Previous research has also found a strong association between social deprivation and mental health problems.

Here, Leen Vereenooghe looks at a study, which sets out to look at what impact living in deprived areas might have on people with learning disabilities accessing community psychiatric services.

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Deprivation may not contribute to health inequality in people with learning disabilities in the same way as in the general population.


This cross-sectional study used interviews with over 1000 adults with learning disabilities within a defined location along with a review of their medical records. Area deprivation was defined by postcode, using Carstairs scores. The authors found that area deprivation had no influence on access to social supports, daytime primary health-care services or hospital admissions. However, [read the full story…]