Omega-3 supplements for depression and anxiety #ActiveIngredientsMH


Ashlee Negrone summarises a systematic review and meta-analysis on omega-3 supplements for depression and anxiety in adults, and briefly introduces their Active Ingredients project on omega-3 for youth depression and anxiety.

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Alternatives to medication for children and young people with ADHD


Joff Jones summarises a recent systematic review, which looks at the evidence for a wide range of non-pharmacological treatments for ADHD. The review finds the strongest evidence for diet, child/parent training and behavioural interventions.

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Can vitamin D supplementation improve mental well-being?

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There are a number of epidemiological studies that suggest a clear relationship between levels of vitamin D in the body and mental well being, but to date there has not been a large scale randomised controlled trial that proves that vitamin D supplementation (serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels) can improve mental health. An Australian research team [read the full story…]