Direct pulp capping: trial finds good short-term outcome success rate for new material in permanent teeth


This small study found good short term success rates for a new MTA derived pulp capping material in permanent teeth. Larger well-conducted longer-term studies are necessary to establish its clinical utility.

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Practice-based trial find better outcomes with MTA for direct pulp-capping in permanent teeth


Exposure of the dental pulp is an occasional hazard associated with dental treatment. Direct pulp capping is a procedure in which a medicament is placed directly over the exposed dental pulp, with the specific aim of maintaining pulp vitality and health. Calcium hydroxide (CaOH) has for many years been considered the material of choice for [read the full story…]

Review suggests that incomplete caries removal advantageous, particularly in deep cavities

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The traditional approach to treatment of dental caries has been complete removal and subsequent restoration.  During the past decade this approach has been challenged, based on a greater understanding of the disease process.  The focus being on adequate restorations rather than a complete excavation of caries, with particular benefits for the treatment of deep caries. [read the full story…]

Vital pulp therapy for permanent teeth

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The Journal of the American Dental Association has published an appraisal of a 2011 review by Aguilar & Linsuwanont  under the auspices of the American Dental Association Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry. The review looked at whether vital pulp therapy is successful in permanent teeth. The appraiser considered that search strategy was thorough although the included [read the full story…]

In deep cavities stepwise excavation of caries can preserve pulp

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Clinicians regularly encounter deep carious cavities which can lead to pulp exposure if the caries is completely removed.  This may lead to pulpectomy and root canal treatment.  However the pulp possess a regenerative ability so stepwise approaches to caries removal have been investigated.  The aim of this review was to investigate the best possible methods [read the full story…]

Vital permanent teeth with cariously exposed pulp can be treated successfully with vital pulp therapy


This systematic review aims to illustrate the outcome of vital pulp therapy, namely direct pulp capping, partial pulpotomy, and full pulpotomy, in vital permanent teeth with cariously exposed pulp. Electronic database MEDLINE via Ovid, PubMed, and Cochrane databases were searched. Hand searching of the reference lists of endodontic textbooks, endodontic-related journals (International Endodontic Journal, Journal [read the full story…]