Will it hurt? Chronic pain and psychological functioning


Kirsten Lawson examines a recent meta-analysis of psychological functioning in people living with chronic pain. She discovers that anxiety is more common than depression in people with chronic pain and that practitioners should prioritise psychological functioning when caring for patients suffering from chronic pain.

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'Strategies for Relatives': improving mental health for family carers of people with dementia


In her latest blog, Clarissa Giebel examines research into the effectiveness of the ‘Strategies for Relatives’ psychological and educational training programme for family carers of people with dementia and explores what the findings might mean for wider programme implementation.

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Improvements in psychological well-being in parents with learning disabilities can be achieved by improvements in social support


Adults with learning disabilities who become parents face a range of challenges in addition to those faced by their non-disabled peers. As adults with disabilities, they are more likely to be socially isolated and at risk of poor psychological well-being and the added pressure of parenthood can magnify these risks. The authors of the current [read the full story…]

Facilitating social activity of caregivers of children with learning disabilities could protect their psychological well-being

shutterstock_14786077 mother playing with two young children

Parental stress affects the psychological well-being of care givers and has been associated with increased risk of children with disabilities being taken into care. This study set out to characterise those providing care and support to children with learning disabilities when they are about to seek outside support and care. The researchers wanted to understand [read the full story…]