Endodontic diagnosis – conventional radiography versus cone beam computed tomography


Mark-Steven Howe looks at this is diagnostic test accuracy review comparing conventional and cone-beam computed tomography for detecting persistent apical disease after root canal treatment.

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Radioprotective measures in children undergoing dental radiography

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In this blog Manas Dave looks at a systematic review of radioprotective measures for children undergoing dental radiography. The review was conducted to assist the the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry update of radioprotective guidelines for dental radiography in children.

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Panoramic radiography and calcified carotid artery atheroma detection

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This review of the diagnostic accuracy of panoramic radiography (PR) in the detection of calcified carotid artery atheroma (CCAA) suggests that PR has good dianostic accuracy compared with Doppler ultrasonograph.

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Impacted canines: localisation with conventional or cone beam radiographs?

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This review comparing cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and conventional radiography (CR) for localising impacted canines included 8 mainly cross-sectional studies and suggests that CBCT is more accurate. However the quality of the studies is low and further research is needed.

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Panoramic radiography for predicting inferior alveolar nerve injury after third molar surgery


This review of panoramic radiography for IAN injury prediction after third molar surgery included 8 studies calculating key diagnostic data fro the 7 classical used signs. Values were to low to rule out post-operative damage before surgery but some siigns could rule in risk of injury.

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Does panoramic radiography predict nerve injury after third molar extraction?


This review included 9 studies assessing the predictive value of panoramic radiography on inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) injury after third molar extraction. Results suggest that darkening of the root had a high specificity in predicting IAN injury.

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Trail showed that distant feedback improved quality of panoramic radiographs in short term.


  Panoramic radiographs are regularly used in dental practice and a number of studies have highlighted that the quality of these films is often less the optimal.T he aim of this trial was to assess the value of a quality improvement programme for panoramic radiography. 40 volunteer dental practices were randomly allocated to active (n=20) [read the full story…]

No diagnostic benefit from routine screening with panoramic radiographs


More than 50% of dental practitioners are thought to use panoramic radiographs  to screen their new adult patients. While the UK Faculty of General Dental Practitioners recommend  the use of intra-oral radiographs  for the assessment of the adult dentate patient for the presence of caries, periodontal bone loss and apical pathology.  One of the aims [read the full story…]