Trail showed that distant feedback improved quality of panoramic radiographs in short term.


  Panoramic radiographs are regularly used in dental practice and a number of studies have highlighted that the quality of these films is often less the optimal.T he aim of this trial was to assess the value of a quality improvement programme for panoramic radiography. 40 volunteer dental practices were randomly allocated to active (n=20) [read the full story…]

Ten most popular Mental Elf blogs in 2012


Greetings pop pickers! In this pre-Xmas week, it’s time to take stock and consider the most popular blogs on the Mental Elf in 2012. These are the movers and shakers, chosen by you (the readers) as you’ve clicked your way around the site: Here is the evidence for exercising if you are depressed (11 Jun [read the full story…]

Is ‘Evidence’ a dirty word in education?

woodland path

Many of us are frustrated by the lack of improvement in pupil outcomes relative to spending. Educational reforms have come and gone, with vast sums of money being spent, but research shows little or no improvement in outcomes. This can be exasperating for those who strive to raise standards in our schools. However, have those [read the full story…]