The role of ICT in Ageing in Place: a family matter

The assumed role of ICT in Ageing in Place policies is to help older people communicate their needs quickly and easily with their care network, and at the same time, to assist governments in providing efficient and inexpensive care to vulnerable adults living at home

Jacqueline Damant considers a qualitative study looking at the experiences of older people and their support networks in using ICT to support Ageing in Place.

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Digital innovation works best when users are involved at every stage


Digital mental health is thriving in 2013 and we are thrilled to be part of the growing community with our Mental Elf website and app. We have had time to reflect on the development of the Mental Elf website recently, as André was interviewed by Hannah Nicklin from Hide and Seek who had been asked to [read the full story…]

No clear benefit for using ICT as psychoeducation and support for schizophrenia, according to new Cochrane review


There is a great deal of interest in using information and communication technology (ICT) to support and treat people with mental health conditions. In the broadest sense, ICT includes not just computers, but also telephones, TV and radio; essentially any medium that can communicate information in a multimedia format. ICT interventions can be delivered at [read the full story…]