‘Did not attend’: what are the barriers to attending initial psychotherapy appointments?


Laurence Palfreyman explores a mixed methods systematic review, which brings together research from across the world looking at why people fail to attend their first psychotherapy appointment.

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Orthodontic patients: Reminders improved oral hygiene and compliance

Recent research has shown how behavioural activation can be delivered via smartphones.

14 RCTs were included in this review of the effect of different reminders on oral hygiene and compliance in orthodontic patients. For most outcomes measured beneficial effects were seen in the patients receiving reminders.

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Text messaging to reduce failed appointments


The opportunity costs to health care providers of failed appointment are considerable.  The aim of this trial was to assess whether the use of text messaging would reduce missed appointments at a university paediatric dental clinic. 318 pairs (caregiver/child dyads) were randomly assigned (59 percent response) to receive a short message service (SMS) text message [read the full story…]