Top Dental Elf Blogs of 2016


During 2016 the Dental Elves has published 158 blogs covering a broad range of topics. The most popular blogs of each month are highlighted.

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Coffee consumption and oral cancer

Prescribing a placebo does not equate to no treatment, because the healthcare setting itself should include all kinds of supportive and therapeutic elements.

This review includes 11 case-controlled and 4 cohort studies and suggests a 37% reduction of oral cancer risk in high coffee drinkers compared with low or no coffee drinkers OR= 0.63 (95%CI; 0.52 – 0.75)

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Drinking coffee may help prevent depression

shutterstock_13871638 coffee

It seems that every week there is a new story about coffee in the press. They range from knee-jerk health warnings to studies that show decreased risk of suicide among coffee drinkers. It’s hard to know what to believe. Existing research has focused mainly on the effects of caffeine on cardiovascular disease (generally finding no [read the full story…]