Oral piercings and periodontal health

oral piercing

This review of the influence of oral piercings on the periodontal health status in adult patients included 8 small observational studies. In line with other reviews the findings indicate adverse effects on periodontal health from oral piercings. However the quality of the evidence is low.

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Periodontitis – Global prevalence 2011-2022

plaque,calculus,periodontal disease

This review to estimate the prevalence of periodontitis between 2011 and 2020 from epidemiological data included 55 studies. From 32 studies with confident case definition an estimate of periodontitis prevalence = 61.6% (95%CI; 55.1% to 67.9%) and a estimate of severe periodontitis = 23.6% (95%CI;17.6% to 30.1%).

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Periodontal disease associated with persistent cannabis use #CannabisMatters

Cannabis plant

This study of the impact of cannabis use on physical health used participants from the 1972-3 Dunedin birth cohort. An association between cannabis use and poorer periodontal health at age 38 years and within-individual decline in periodontal health from ages 26 to 38 years was found.

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Longitudinal study provides strong evidence that chronic smoking is a risk factor for periodontitis


Smoking is recognised as a major risk factor for periodontal disease and a large number of studies have shown a strong and consistent association between smoking and periodontal disease. The aim of this study was to re-examine the periodontal effects of smoking and the impact of the other putative risk factors through early to middle [read the full story…]

Intrabony defects treated with conservative periodontal surgery show clinical improvements

shutterstock_19887505 - perio xrays

Periodontal bony lesions associated with deep pockets are frequent anatomical sequelae to periodontitis.  The aim of this systematic review was to assess the effectiveness of conservative periodontal surgery (CS)  for the treatment of periodontitis-related intrabony defects. The authors searched the Cochrane Oral Health Group specialist trials, Medline and Embase databases and three leading periodontal journals.  [read the full story…]