Vanessa Bennett

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Vanessa is interested in researching how psychosocial and cognitive capabilities, motivations and behaviours of young people intersect with their experiences across physical and digital environments affect their help seeking, mental health and wellbeing. She aspires to involve and empower all young people to voice their perspectives in mental health research through co-development of innovative ‘real world’ methodology. Through her work for the Oxford Health BRC, Vanessa has developed an interest in researching and co-working with young researcher to define meaningful involvement and develop a framework to extend opportunities and benefits for diverse young people.


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Joining the dots: how can we support all young people to seek help for their mental health problems?


In her debut blog, Vanessa Bennett looks at a systematic review which examines barriers, facilitators and interventions for help-seeking in adolescents, and describes her Emerging Minds placement on characterising peer-support via the Childline online message-boards.

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