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Talen is a PhD researcher and trans woman who researches and discusses current issues around LGB mental health, trans and gender diverse mental health, healthcare service access, and the impact of discrimination on trans and queer people’s lives. Her research centres on the experiences of trans and gender diverse peoples mental health, particularly suicidality, and how micro-aggressions and other social determinants increase and maintain risk on suicidal ideation, self-harm, and suicide attempt. Talen is also a co-investigator on an NIHR funded study at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDs). This is a longitudinal prospective study examining the mental and social wellbeing of trans and gender diverse young people as they navigate the waiting list and throughout their time at the service. She is interested in qualitative and quantitative approaches to experiences of transgender mental health, gender and sexuality (LGBTQ+), and loneliness and social isolation; particularly keen on LGBTQ+ and non-binary experiences.


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Can brief social contact videos reduce transphobia and increase treatment-seeking among adolescents?

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Talen Wright critically reviews a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of brief social contact video on transphobia and depression-related stigma among adolescents.

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Microaggressions and social exclusion: experiences of transgender people


Talen Wright summarises a recent study investigating microaggressions against transgender individuals as a form of social exclusion. She goes on to suggest how practitioners can reduce microaggressions and foster affirmation and inclusivity in their practice.

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Suicide risk in transgender and gender diverse people


Talen Wright explores trends in suicide death risk among transgender people by drawing on findings from the Amsterdam Cohort of Gender Dysphoria Study.

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Trans pathways: mental health care for transgender and gender diverse young people in Australia


Talen Wright reviews a recent paper on the Trans Pathways study, which looks at mental health care for transgender and gender diverse young people in Australia.

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Non-suicidal self injury in bisexual populations


Talen Wright explores a recent narrative synthesis of associated variables and meta-analysis of risk of non-suicidal self injury in bisexual people.

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