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I am currently a MSc student studying Mental Health Studies at KCL, after deciding to return to the mental health sector. For several years prior, I was working as a freelance videographer and photographer with a particular focus on empowerment and social inclusion. I have an interest in how to promote and improve mental health services, particularly for anxiety disorders and depression. After my degree I hope to work in an IAPT service, and eventually train to become a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


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Equity within IAPT: socio-demographic inequalities in accessing treatment


Lawson Taylor provides an overview of a national cohort study that explored socio-demographic differences in access to NHS Talking Therapies (formerly known as IAPT) services.

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Why CBT can fail those with OCD: service users’ perspectives


In his debut blog, Lawson Taylor summarises a preprint qualitative study that explores the views of service users with OCD or panic disorder, and tries to offer some answers as to why CBT does not work well for some people.

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