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Edel is a Clinical Psychologist with NHS Forth Valley and Edinburgh Perinatal Psychology. She has an interest in the development of the evidence base for psychological interventions within a multidisciplinary context and across the lifespan, particularly in the perinatal period. Edel has a range of research experience, including a thesis on the adverse effects of psychological therapy & network meta-analysis of psychological therapies for psychosis at University of Edinburgh, Preparing for Life evaluation team at University College Dublin, National Core for Neuroethics and the Child and Family Research Institute at University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada and Complex PTSD at Edinburgh Napier University.


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Meditation and mindfulness can help us and harm us, but how common are adverse events?


Edel McGlanaghy critiques a systematic review which finds that meditation may lead to adverse events, particularly psychiatric adverse events.

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Adverse effects of psychotherapy for depression: new meta-analysis looks at deterioration rates


Edel Mc Glanaghy reacquaints us with the negative effects of psychotherapies for adult depression, through an impressive new meta-analysis of trials that measure deterioration rates in patients receiving psychotherapy compared with controls.

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Negative Effects Questionnaire: measuring the potential harm of psychotherapy

Counselling and Support

Edel McGlanaghy publishes her debut blog on the Negative Effects Questionnaire for monitoring and reporting adverse effects of psychotherapy. She also highlights her own APT study (Adverse effects of Psychological Therapy), which is currently recruiting individuals with experience of any face to face psychological therapy.

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